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NEW VIDEO: Thirst to Win - Coming Soon!

Perseverance, discipline, inner strength and overcoming adversity. These are some elements of the themes explored in our newest music video.


This summer paved the way for a story starring Cornwall's Tony Luis, featuring the lightweight division boxer in a story bound in competition.

The music video for the band's song "Thirst to Win" from their newest album "Home" will be featured at a video release party October 20th, 2018 at La Maison Tavern in Cornwall, ON.


"Home" is the 3rd chapter in the band's discography. This album represents a shift in musical direction from the previous record, and a return to the foundations of the band's original vision.


With a broth made up primarily of classic rock and hard rock, and a seasoning of alternative, funk and blues elements, Home is a collection of powerful songs filled with raw energy that connects with listeners and relates to their common daily experiences.

From the funk infused grooves of Why that delves into understanding hurtful behaviours, to the anthemic and uplifting southern comforts of Movin', this albums is sure to captivate listeners.


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