"Unbelievable performance and energy!"

Larry Sylvain - Port Theatre


Coldrift is an alternative hard rock band hailing from Cornwall, Ontario. The group unleashes hard rock with elements and influences from classic rock, grunge and alternative sources.


The band delivers a powerful performance, and their live show perfectly compliments their range with precision musicianship and a seamless production that captivates the audience.

Coldrift is:

JF Beaulieu - Lead Vocals & Guitar

Dan Gadbois - Drums & Vocals

Josh Hofmann - Keyboards & Vocals

Ben Mullin - Bass & Vocals

Marty Verville - Guitar & Vocals


The band has seen success with their first two albums “The Smoke After Sex” and “Into the Sun”. The release of their third album "Home" is a unified record that holds true to the core values of the group and the stories weaved into the songs are sure to relate to common themes experienced by many listeners.

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